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Upcoming Events!!!


Well, summer is in full swing here in CoMo and we are trying to keep up!!


We have an excellent double knitting class coming up with Jessica Dekker.  You can learn to make this wonderful Quadrilateral Cowl that she designed herself!   That class is this Saturday, June 29. We hope to see you there!

We also have a wonderful lace class coming up with Lauren Fath. Learn the traditional style of Orenburg Lace while making this beautiful Wellen Shawl.


And we also have lots of beginning and advanced beginning classes in both knitting and crochet, so please check out our class schedule!!


                                                         Friday Night Happy Hours

We have a Friday Night Happy Hour coming up this Friday, June 28.  And we also are having a special Happy Hour!! July 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 join us and Gina Frahm from Esther Purl Yarns, delicious appetizers and some local music to please your ears!! We hope to see you there!!



Our day at the Winery


Fun times at Les Bourgeois Winery

We had a most excellent time at the winery this year!! 30 women joined Karen, Jessica and I at Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport, Mo for a day. We had some good food (some really good dessert!), a great view and lots of knitting, laughter and smiles.

Jessica Dekker taught us 3 new cast ons: Tubular Cast-on, Channel Island Cast-on, Invisible Rib Cast-on. I had never heard of any of those cast ons, so this was quite a learning experience for me!! Jessica was wonderfully patient and really great with everyone, even though we sometimes were a little bit frustrated! The Tubular Cast-on was really hard to get at first, but after a quick little demo from Jessica, I got it! It’s an awful lot like Judy’s Magic Cast on.

We also had some yarn from Esther Purl Farms. Regina sent us some really fantastic hand spun yarns. And we also brought some Three Irish Girls with us! The colors that these two places manage to get in their yarns……amazing!!

We had a fantastic trunk show with us from Grace Akhrem. She had some absolutely fantastic designs! Very elegant with a touch of funk.

Thanks for joining us for the day and we can’t wait to do it again soon!!! (There’s rumor of a fall day retreat….. )

Gahhh!!! Busy, busy, busy!!


So sorry!

I am so sorry about being gone for a while!! We’ve just been insanely busy! We had our retreat at the Lake and it was a big success! We already have next years in the works!!  We’ve been getting in some new yarns and making a few new friends here and there.

Esther Purl Fibers

Last year at the Sunflower Guild festival we met a really fabulous lady name Gina who owned a farm up in Iowa. Gina raises her sheep, shears them, washes and cards the wool and then spins and dyes it. We were very lucky to get to know her and even more lucky to have her at our Lake Getaway.  This farm has been in Gina’s husbands family since the 1850’s!  Click on the name above to see her website! We are going to start carrying her yarns at the shop; just waiting on the dying and spinning process, as patiently as we can!! Gina and Karen sat down at the Lake and figured out some custom colors. I can’t wait to see how they turned out. As of right now, we do have some of her roving at the shop.


Ladies Night Out

We excited to have our first Ladies Night out at the shop!! Friday, April 19 from 6 to 9 we are hosting a get together at the shop! Bring your own alcohol; we’ll provide the mixers, appetizers, coffee and tea. Bring your knitting and relax with us! And I promise we will have curtains up by then so you don’t have to be worried about the people walking by. Every body that shows up will receive a coupon to use at the shop later; we’ll have a door prize of some Esther Purl yarn; and there will be a MYSTERY SPECIAL for that night! (Even I don’t know what it is and I’m the bloody manager! She’s tight-lipped on this one so it must be good!!!)  We really hope to see you there for this!!


Winery Retreat

We are so pleased to be having our 2nd Winery Retreat!!!!! Join us on the Missouri River at Les Bourgeois on Saturday, June 1 from 11 to 3.  If you joined us last year then you know how delicious the food is and how much fun we all have together! This year, we are changing things up a little and having a class with Jessica Dekker, who was at our Lake Getaway.  Jessica is going to teach a class at the winery this year, about casting on. She has multiple cast ons to show us and I don’t know a single one of them!!! You know, there’s always more to learn! We have 30 spots for this even and we are filling up quickly so please hurry in to sign up if you want to come!!

I think we will also be having a fall retreat at the Winery since we’ve gotten such a wonderful response for this one!!



This month at the Shoppe


HYS Lake Getaway

We are so excited at the response to our first ever Getaway!!  We do still have some space, but it’s going fast! We still have a lot of room left in the classes so you can still sign up for those. There are some really fun looking classes, I am excited to learn about double knitting. I think I might want to use brown and pink together cause it would just look too cool.. 🙂  I hope to see you there!!!


Classes at the Shoppe

We have been enjoying a whole new group of people coming in for our classes! If there is a class that you would like to see on the schedule, let us know! We love to hear from you! Email us any suggestions you might have.


We have so been loving our new location! The people watching is superb from my desk. 😀 The Farmer’s Market is in the same building as us, so you should come by and check that out and then stop by to see us!


A new year


It’s a new year here at Hillcreek and we are hoping that it’s a truly amazing one!  We have been super busy!!!  I hope you enjoyed your holidays and all the newsletter ideas that were sent out. I know we are glad they are over as it was quite the brain workout to put those bad boys out! Karen is a superhero for doing it!


Upcoming classes

We are offering up a nice variety of classes this season! There’s a fair isle hat and tunisian crochet, as well as beginning classes for both crochet and knit. Click here for the full class list.



HYS Lake Getaway

We are having our first ever retreat this year and we couldn’t be more happy about it!!!  Come join us for a fun filled weekend getaway at the Country Club Hotel and Spa on the Lake. We have a nice lineup of classes for you to choose from ranging all over.  We have a nationally, Sarah Wilson  and an internationally recognized designer, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton.  For more info on this awesomeness, click here! Hope to see you there!!







Busy, busy, busy!!!!


Sorry that this space has been so neglected, we’ve been soooo busy.  Let me just give you the realllll quick details of what has been going on……..

12 days of Christmas

Or maybe it was the 25 days of Christmas…. I don’t quite remember! But Karen has been working her butt off on the newsletters for the past few weeks. Everyday she has a new one go out with great pattern ideas and yarn suggestions.  It seems to be going over pretty well, people are liking the patterns and keep coming in and asking for them. We are really happy to help you get ready for the holiday season!


We have a class schedule up now!!! Sorry for the delay people! We have beginning, intermediate and advanced classes in both Knitting and Crochet. We have a few new teachers and some old favorites.  A few classes for you: Tunisian Crochet, two at a time – toe up socks, a fair Isle hat, and a great class about short rows! Click here to see more info about our upcoming schedule. We hope to see you there and watch you improve your skills!!

Winter Madness!!

You can still sign up for our Winter Madness! $10 is all it costs. You get a ticket for entering and then a ticket every time you come in to knit and when you finish a project. Every week there is a drawing, and then there will be a grand prize drawing in February. We hope you will join us! I know that I would personally love to win that grand prize! Click here for more details!

Spring Retreat

We are planning a big retreat this spring down at the Lake. We have a hotel picked out and are working on class schedules for it. We have a huge surprise for you!!!


We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season folks!!!


happy holidays



We’ve been doing the Stephen West ChoreKAL and I just started his Geyser Stretch shawl. I picked out 3 shades of Malabrigo Worsted, Noviembre, Sunset, and Rich Chocolate. I have gotten pretty far in this pattern in the last 24 hours!! I am loving this pattern and appreciate all the stretches along with it!



Sorry for the internet silence people!! I was soooo swamped getting ready for the King’s Daughters craft show last week that I just didn’t have the brain capacity for blogging!!

King’s Daughters

Karen and I had a freaking blast at the fair! We both bought a few fabulous things and met some wonderful people! It was an exhausting 3 days and we are glad it’s over! We’re still recovering a tad bit, definitely still unpacking all the goods.


Book Club

Our book club is moving along nicely. I am honestly having some trouble getting into this book. The author can at times be a  bit descriptive for me and I get lost in what she was trying to say in the first place!!! I find that I can understand it all better if I read it in little bitty spurts, like 5-8 minutes at a time and then put it down and come back to it…..:P I’m hoping that once it gets to the parts about Egypt I will be a little bit more sucked in. We shall see!


A knitting tale….

I’m working on a new bit for the knitting tale…. it’s not anything that I’m planning or making any notes on throughout the week; it literally just flows out and whatever shows up on the screen is what gets put out. I’d love to hear what you guys think about it!


What’s happening around the shoppe!

The Shoppe is getting ready for Christmas. We will have a nice little section to help with those last minute gifts you weren’t prepared for!  Kits that are ready to go with the yarn picked out and the pattern ready.  A few ready made items for the last minute gift that you need! Notions and notion sets, swifts, books, all sorts of things. We will also be putting out pattern ideas in our newsletter, picked by our staff. We will have great yarn suggestions for those too.

Anyway, that’s what has been going on lately. Hope to see you in soon! We are working on getting a class schedule set up for the coming months…. I know for certain that their will be a two at a time, toe up sock class!!

Happy Holiday Season Folks!!!