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A Light in the Window


A Light in the Window.



This is an article about a designer and her husband that were recently killed. They left behind two small children and there is a donation fund for them. Please take the time to look this article over and at least take a minute of silence for those two souls.


Similes and knitting


When teaching someone to knit I use all kinds of similes, generally sticking with little legs as the stitches. I always imagined the stitches as little gymnasts that were straddling a balance beam. This really helped me to know whether or not I had my stitches facing the right way and which “leg” to grab for a certain stitch.  I have used this many times to help someone to understand their stitch anatomy a little bit better.  While reading our Knit Lit book, I’ve come across a new simile for knitting that I had not ever considered. Anne Hood, the author of The Knitting Circle, had picked up knitting to help her cope with a very difficult situation that happened to her. While she was going through that journey, she learned to use her knitting like one would use rosary beads. I did not know how to knit when the worst tragedy of my life had happened, my schizophrenic aunt went missing in January and we didn’t find her body until March. It was very difficult for me to function at all, cause I couldn’t get the thoughts of her out my head. It’s hard to wake up every day and wonder where someone is and have absolutely no idea what has happened to them, if they are even alive. I would have loved to have knitting there to help my mind stop the constant wondering, the incessant questioning.  I knew that a lot of women who come to this shop have had their own stories of tragedy and that knitting had helped them through it. I’ve heard stories of the prayer shawls and how making something for someone else helped them to feel better about their own problems. I guess that I had never put it together quite like I did while reading this book. It really made me stop and think about how the repetitive motions are so soothing; how if you make a mistake, you can fix it, it’s not a big deal; how gratifying it feels to have something finished that worked out exactly how it was supposed to.  I feel so very blessed to have found this passion for knitting, because I know that the next time I have a tragedy  I will also have this. It will always be there, it will always comfort me, it will always be the same two stitches, knit and purl, never changing.  It is with this mind set that I ask you to please come in and tell us your story. How had knitting changed you? How has it helped you? Did it come into your life at time when you truly needed something?


Our first Knit Lit meeting!


On Wednesday of this week, we had our first official book club for Hillcreek. Karen and I (Carrie) were sooo excited to have it happen. Neither one of us had ever been in a book club, but had always wanted to be, as we are both avid readers. We had such a lovely group of women show up, 17 in total, including Karen, myself and our wonderful coordinator, Tina.  We have a wide range of ages, professions, stages in life and reading genres. This large range of view points will make for some truly interesting conversation and I look forward to seeing what we have to say about all the books we read!

The book that was chosen for this month’s read is called The Knitting Circle by Anne Hood. I have only read a few pages, but am already able to tell that I am gonna need a box of tissues….I’m a little reluctant to delve further in because I’m not much on the crying stuff, but I will get into this weekend. I think I’m gonna like this Alice character. I’m sure that I picture her totally wrong in my head, but I see her as a really tall, soft and a little round in the belly black woman with chocolate-honey eyes and a warm smile. If I could, I would want to curl up on her lap like I did with my Grandma as a little girl.  This book is drastically different from what I usually read, which is supernatural/fantasy stuff, so I’m looking forward to the change of pace and knowing that nothing incredibly weird is going to happen. Now, I’m sure that there will be things that will make me gasp right out loud and use multiple expletives…..:)

Here’s some pictures of  our fun evening.

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Favorite Authors and writing tones


So, writing challenge this week pertains to grammar and a person’s “tone of voice” through their writing. How oh how will I get this to tie in with knitting, crochet , or yarn!? I have no idea……. I guess I should just start with the general question that The Daily Press asked which is: Who is your favorite author?

That is a hard one for me cause I am a real lover of books!! I have many treasured books that I read and reread countless times and know the stories by heart.  I tend to really fall into a good book and fall head over heels in love with the characters and then truly miss them when I’m finished reading the book!!  Are there many of you out there that have this problem also?

This is me in a nutshell!

I had always thought that it was Louisa May Alcott that was my favorite writer, but after much contemplation, I realized that she wrote my favorite book, but is not my favorite author.  If I had to     really, really state a favorite author I’m guessing it would be Terry Goodkind. That man just can’t write a book that I don’t love!! I plowed through the Sword of  Truth series that my mother in law got for me two Christmases ago. That’s 9 books people, with about 7-900 pages a piece that I read in about 10 days….. My eyes were tired!   He has such a wonderful cadence and such descriptive details without being overly descriptive. You know when you are reading so many details that you forget what the main conflict is? This does not happen with his books. He is a magnificent writer, very smooth and fluid. I just read a new book of his, Law of Nines. I wasn’t expecting it to tie in with the Sword of Truth books that I loved so much, but they did taking me completely by surprise. I loved it!

The shoppe is getting ready to have a book club once a month on the third Wednesday of the month, not sure of the time yet. We do know what book we are starting off with though….

The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood    It is about a woman whose child gets sick and how a group of knitter’s helped through the ordeal. It should be great! We hope to see you guys there.

Who’s you favorite author and why? What makes them so wonderful to you? Is it their ability to draw you in or the descriptive quality of their writing? We’d love to hear from you!

What would you grab in a fire???


This week we have a challenge to write about material objects and the stories behind them.  This got me thinking about the treasured items of my life…… I have quite a few! But then I got to thinking about ones that were handmade…… and that just brought on a whole new list!! The thing that probably holds the most value for me and that I would definitely grab in a fire, the beautiful quilt that was made by both my great grandmother Irene and my grandma. This was made out of scraps of fabric from my great grandmothers dresses. I remember seeing her wear these into church when I was a little girl so this is especially important to me. On one side it is beautiful blues and on the other is what I call the mint chocolate chip side! You can’t see the mint green in this picture, but it’s there…. 🙂 I sleep with this every night!

My great grandmother, Irene, (who I am named after) started this quilt, but couldn’t finish it, so my Grandma did!

A simple handmade treasure…. 🙂

Carol has a lovely project carrier that her mother made for her in the 70’s. She made it out of an empty oatmeal container and fabric left over from a pants suit that she had made for Carol! Her mother saw if a few years ago and was surprised that Carol still had it! Carol says she will have it until she dies.

Amber’s little white dress! She might just be creating a new trend, instead of the little black dress…..?

Amber’s grab in case of fire item is a white dress that she made earlier this year. It was the first item that she had made without the help of her Grandmother, which at 17 is a huge accomplishment! Amber did such a good job on it that she got a compliment from her Grandma, which we all know is something special. 🙂 This compliment from Grandma has inspired Miss Amber to want to make even more garments, whether they be sewed, knitted, crocheted or otherwise!





Karen’s fire saving treasure: a handmade latch hook rug made by her husband Jim. She bought him this kit about 10 years ago and he was able to finish it until he recently retired from being a pharmacist for over 50 years! At 75, sitting and doing this kind of intricate hand work is truly amazing! I know I wouldn’t be able to do something like this and I’m 40+ years his junior!! This is also a reminder of how hard he worked in his industry and the right he’s earned to his much overdue retirement! Plus, how many husbands make something like this!?

Those color changes must have been really hard!! What a beautiful piece of work!

What are some of your most treasured items and why?? Tell us!!

The Sexy Knitter is published again.


Our friend, Sarah Wilson, is the featured designer in the newest issue of Knitscene Magazine.

This issue will be arriving at the shop any day.  Four of her wonderful designs are featured as well as a story on Sarah.

Susan and Sarah are anxious to share these designs with you.  If you are interested in joining Sarah in knitting one.  Let us know.  We will choose a date and time for this to happen.