Pho-ever Friends


How very cute!!!

drawn and hooked


Now that winter has set in, I am naturally gravitating towards hot foods. One of my favourite winter dishes (or all year round, really) is Vietnamese Beef Pho (pronounced “fuh”) – which is a dish of rice noodles with raw, thinly sliced beef strips that all literally cook in the in the delicious, steamy broth it is served with. The Pho comes with a generous side of mint, bean sprouts, chilli sauce and lemon for you to garnish your pho with as liberally or conservatively as you please.

A few years ago I introduced one of my good friends to Vietnamese Beef Pho. Over time, it has become a tradition of ours to catch up over a hot bowl of Pho. In summer we sweat but gulp it down faithfully. In winter we savour every  warm mouthful. Our favourite Pho eating days are the ones where its raining and windy outside. The…

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