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Have to reblog as the Play Nice! article is simply fantastic. I am a total ambi crafter and do both, with the plan to start sewing! Why can’t we enjoy as many amazing crafts as we can endure?

Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl

Play Nice! An essay by Franklin Habit for Lion Brand | Lion Brand Notebook.

I have never understood the nasty attitude that is so prevalent among some knitters toward the art of crochet. A fibre art is a fibre art. Back in the day, the more that you were adept at, the better. It speaks to one’s abilities with a craft, an art form. They are different – obviously – and to denigrate one in the interest of proving the other better is just as uniformed as any other biases that humans make up.

I always want to say “Get serious, you crochetphobic twit” to those who turn up their nose when I bring a hook and silk lace to “Knit Night”. I feel like I have to say “Well actually I AM a Master Knitter, I’m just slumming tonight”. I learned both art forms – among many –…

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