‘Venn’ do you have enough yarn?



Please excuse the dreadful pun above, but as some of you may recognise (if you were paying attention in maths at school) this post contains a Venn diagram.

Wait!  Come back!  There’s no more maths (and my Venn diagram certainly has no statistical basis).

Promise 🙂

The eternal question for all knitters and crocheters (usually asked by other despairing and/or long suffering and non-crafty family members) is ‘Don’t you have enough yarn?’

Apart from the obvious answers of:

‘You just don’t get it do you?’



or the more long winded

‘But I want to make a purple/blue/turquoise/teal/green/yellow/orange/red/pink/grey/black/cream/white sweater/cardigan/hat/shawl/scarf/mittens/socks/stuffed merkat in lace/4ply/doubleknit/worsted/aran/chunky/superchunky yarn and I don’t have any/enough of that in my stash!’

there isn’t really an awful lot that you can say.  They wouldn’t understand because they don’t knit or crochet.

They won’t understand that yes, you bought that nice DK yarn in the sale that’s not quite

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