A new year


It’s a new year here at Hillcreek and we are hoping that it’s a truly amazing one!  We have been super busy!!!  I hope you enjoyed your holidays and all the newsletter ideas that were sent out. I know we are glad they are over as it was quite the brain workout to put those bad boys out! Karen is a superhero for doing it!


Upcoming classes

We are offering up a nice variety of classes this season! There’s a fair isle hat and tunisian crochet, as well as beginning classes for both crochet and knit. Click here for the full class list.



HYS Lake Getaway

We are having our first ever retreat this year and we couldn’t be more happy about it!!!  Come join us for a fun filled weekend getaway at the Country Club Hotel and Spa on the Lake. We have a nice lineup of classes for you to choose from ranging all over.  We have a nationally, Sarah Wilson  and an internationally recognized designer, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton.  For more info on this awesomeness, click here! Hope to see you there!!








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