Sorry for the internet silence people!! I was soooo swamped getting ready for the King’s Daughters craft show last week that I just didn’t have the brain capacity for blogging!!

King’s Daughters

Karen and I had a freaking blast at the fair! We both bought a few fabulous things and met some wonderful people! It was an exhausting 3 days and we are glad it’s over! We’re still recovering a tad bit, definitely still unpacking all the goods.


Book Club

Our book club is moving along nicely. I am honestly having some trouble getting into this book. The author can at times be a  bit descriptive for me and I get lost in what she was trying to say in the first place!!! I find that I can understand it all better if I read it in little bitty spurts, like 5-8 minutes at a time and then put it down and come back to it…..:P I’m hoping that once it gets to the parts about Egypt I will be a little bit more sucked in. We shall see!


A knitting tale….

I’m working on a new bit for the knitting tale…. it’s not anything that I’m planning or making any notes on throughout the week; it literally just flows out and whatever shows up on the screen is what gets put out. I’d love to hear what you guys think about it!


What’s happening around the shoppe!

The Shoppe is getting ready for Christmas. We will have a nice little section to help with those last minute gifts you weren’t prepared for!  Kits that are ready to go with the yarn picked out and the pattern ready.  A few ready made items for the last minute gift that you need! Notions and notion sets, swifts, books, all sorts of things. We will also be putting out pattern ideas in our newsletter, picked by our staff. We will have great yarn suggestions for those too.

Anyway, that’s what has been going on lately. Hope to see you in soon! We are working on getting a class schedule set up for the coming months…. I know for certain that their will be a two at a time, toe up sock class!!

Happy Holiday Season Folks!!!


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