A knitting tale…..


Ella had only just picked up knitting. She was giving it a try because she had tried everything else! She was not a crafty person, but someone had said that it was easy to do, very hard to mess up and really simple to fix if you did mess up. So Ella went and got some yarn and some needles, nothing too fancy, from the local craft store. The yarn was a simple, cheap acrylic with beautiful purples and greens and a touch of orangish yellow that reminded her of New Orleans at Mardi Gras.  It made her smile, so that’s what she got. Then she went to the local library and looked at tons of books, finally deciding on the ever popular “For Dummies” book, the knitting version of course. It had pictures and funny little sayings and seemed like something she could definitely understand.

It took her all afternoon just to cast on! Ella was starting to get really frustrated and was just about to call it quits when she finally got it! The yarn and needles in her hands looked like the yarn and needles in the book. Victory at last! Ella was so happy to know that she was not in fact the uncreative lump of  a person that she had always assumed that she was. Finally she would have something of her own that she made herself. It was a very intoxicating feeling, this accomplishment of such a simple thing like casting on. She had never in her wildest dreams imagined herself knitting, but here she was, with needles in hand.

“Okay, next step, figuring out this knit stitch,” she thought to herself. “Stick the right hand needletip  into the first stitch on the left handle needle, front to back.”
HUH? I thought that this was supposed to be for dummies?! This picture isn’t that helpful! I don’t understand what they want me to do! Which way am I supposed to stick this needle in? Let me look at this damn picture again….”

It took her the rest of that evening to figure out that dang knit stitch! The dummies book didn’t say that you needed to insert the needle from the front to back, left to right. But she figured it out from the pictures, thank god for pictures! It took her almost 6 hours to work about 2 inches and she only stopped to eat her supper.  But once Ella got started on something, she followed it through until the end and she was not going to let this get the best of her especially if her sister could do it! Ella had spent a lifetime watching her sister be this perfect, little lady that  everyone spoke so kindly about. Finally, Ella had something that she could do also. Her sister, Coyleen was great at everything and everyone absolutely adored her. Ella knew better though and knew that her sister was actually not as perfect as she put on. Ella knew though that Coyleen was not the perfect person everyone thought, she was just as flawed as Ella, just a better actress than her!  In fact, Coyleen was seeing a man that most people would flip out about if they knew. He was one of those creepy guys that thought he was a vampire incarnate or something. Really weird and always dressed so stupidly, like he wanted to be Goth or something. Ella many times didn’t understand what her sister saw in this man.  But it wasn’t her place to say anything about it, so she didn’t. She just watched with a rather sick fascination as the relationship continued. It was kind of like a train wreck, you really didn’t think it was proper to look, but damn if you couldn’t look away!  Ella herself had only had a few brief relationships; quick little affairs that taught her more about what she didn’t want, than what she did.

Ella looked down and noticed that she now had about 10 inches hanging off her needles. “Hmmm, how did that happen!? I guess I got to thinking and my hands just sort of did their own little thing… How freaking cool is that!? I better call Coyleen and tell her that I can finally knit!”


Stay tuned for next weeks continuation….


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