Similes and knitting


When teaching someone to knit I use all kinds of similes, generally sticking with little legs as the stitches. I always imagined the stitches as little gymnasts that were straddling a balance beam. This really helped me to know whether or not I had my stitches facing the right way and which “leg” to grab for a certain stitch.  I have used this many times to help someone to understand their stitch anatomy a little bit better.  While reading our Knit Lit book, I’ve come across a new simile for knitting that I had not ever considered. Anne Hood, the author of The Knitting Circle, had picked up knitting to help her cope with a very difficult situation that happened to her. While she was going through that journey, she learned to use her knitting like one would use rosary beads. I did not know how to knit when the worst tragedy of my life had happened, my schizophrenic aunt went missing in January and we didn’t find her body until March. It was very difficult for me to function at all, cause I couldn’t get the thoughts of her out my head. It’s hard to wake up every day and wonder where someone is and have absolutely no idea what has happened to them, if they are even alive. I would have loved to have knitting there to help my mind stop the constant wondering, the incessant questioning.  I knew that a lot of women who come to this shop have had their own stories of tragedy and that knitting had helped them through it. I’ve heard stories of the prayer shawls and how making something for someone else helped them to feel better about their own problems. I guess that I had never put it together quite like I did while reading this book. It really made me stop and think about how the repetitive motions are so soothing; how if you make a mistake, you can fix it, it’s not a big deal; how gratifying it feels to have something finished that worked out exactly how it was supposed to.  I feel so very blessed to have found this passion for knitting, because I know that the next time I have a tragedy  I will also have this. It will always be there, it will always comfort me, it will always be the same two stitches, knit and purl, never changing.  It is with this mind set that I ask you to please come in and tell us your story. How had knitting changed you? How has it helped you? Did it come into your life at time when you truly needed something?



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