It seems we are having some confusion as to where our location is! Sooooo, we are in Parkade Plaza, physical address: 601 Business Loop 70 West, Suite 213C. This is a building that is on the Loop between the West Boulevard and Providence exit from I-70. We  do not have a large sign yet to show exactly where it is. It is on the outside of the building and not inside it.  It is a big building (was the first mall in Columbia!) with 3 reddish overhangs on the front, which faces Business Loop. We are under the overhang that is closest to Providence Road, in between JT’s Barber Shop and the Wonder Bread outlet. We are working on getting a large sign made that will be visible from the road, but it takes some time for the sign people to make! If you are having any kinds of trouble finding us, please, please call us. We would be happy to help you find us, we really don’t want you wondering around, looking all over for us! Here’s our number: 573-449-5648.


And here is a map in case you still can’t find us!


Sorry for those of you that were having such trouble finding us! We hope this easier.



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