Re-cap of our first week in our new location


This was our first week in our new location!! And it was pretty good! We had a lot of new customers that were just walking by and came in. We hope that they will return and enjoy yarn as much as us!!

Mallory from Zede’s Sewing Studio, came in to see us and we got to know each other a little bit better. Looking forward to adventures with those fun ladies! Mallory mentioned that the Korean resturaunt in Parkade was good, so Karen and I got some today and it was deeeeeeeeelicious! I got the sweet and sour chicken and Karen got veggie lo mein. Man were they awesome and so was the crab rangoon. Will definitely be having lunch there more often!

We haven’t been able to get into our mailbox the entire time we’ve been here! And the toilet took a little getting used to, you know, you had to figure out it’s little quirks and then it worked perfectly….. as well as the sink and the kitchen sink….:( But, we are getting that fixed shortly.

We are still rearranging and fiddling and trying to figure out just exactly where we want everything. It’s a rather fun process! (And also very tiring!)

We’re working on getting a class schedule figured out for October and maybe even into November. There will beginning knitting and crochet both. We’ll also have lots of fun new crochet classes and maybe even a Halloween costume/accessory class! What kind of class might you be interested in seeing? Let us know here or on Facebook. We’d love to hear your input!!

This week we will be getting several large orders of yarns from multiple companies and we are looking forward to fondling all the new yarns and textures and, and, and……. oh, sorry went into a yarn coma….:)


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