What would you grab in a fire???


This week we have a challenge to write about material objects and the stories behind them.  This got me thinking about the treasured items of my life…… I have quite a few! But then I got to thinking about ones that were handmade…… and that just brought on a whole new list!! The thing that probably holds the most value for me and that I would definitely grab in a fire, the beautiful quilt that was made by both my great grandmother Irene and my grandma. This was made out of scraps of fabric from my great grandmothers dresses. I remember seeing her wear these into church when I was a little girl so this is especially important to me. On one side it is beautiful blues and on the other is what I call the mint chocolate chip side! You can’t see the mint green in this picture, but it’s there…. 🙂 I sleep with this every night!

My great grandmother, Irene, (who I am named after) started this quilt, but couldn’t finish it, so my Grandma did!

A simple handmade treasure…. 🙂

Carol has a lovely project carrier that her mother made for her in the 70’s. She made it out of an empty oatmeal container and fabric left over from a pants suit that she had made for Carol! Her mother saw if a few years ago and was surprised that Carol still had it! Carol says she will have it until she dies.

Amber’s little white dress! She might just be creating a new trend, instead of the little black dress…..?

Amber’s grab in case of fire item is a white dress that she made earlier this year. It was the first item that she had made without the help of her Grandmother, which at 17 is a huge accomplishment! Amber did such a good job on it that she got a compliment from her Grandma, which we all know is something special. 🙂 This compliment from Grandma has inspired Miss Amber to want to make even more garments, whether they be sewed, knitted, crocheted or otherwise!





Karen’s fire saving treasure: a handmade latch hook rug made by her husband Jim. She bought him this kit about 10 years ago and he was able to finish it until he recently retired from being a pharmacist for over 50 years! At 75, sitting and doing this kind of intricate hand work is truly amazing! I know I wouldn’t be able to do something like this and I’m 40+ years his junior!! This is also a reminder of how hard he worked in his industry and the right he’s earned to his much overdue retirement! Plus, how many husbands make something like this!?

Those color changes must have been really hard!! What a beautiful piece of work!

What are some of your most treasured items and why?? Tell us!!


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