It was a surprisingly loooooooooooong week!!!  But now things can get back to normal for us!!! We are so happy to be part of Parkade, if you haven’t check out this complex yet, you definitely should!! We are looking forward to all the awesome times that we will be having there!!! Our move was crazy and it had it’s moments of frustration, but it’s over!! We are still rearranging things and figuring out where we want eveything to go, but it’s basically set up and at least resembles a store…… 🙂  We do still have quite a bit of mess lying around, so please excuse that!! We are all just so excited for you to see it and can’t wait to hear what you think about this new location!!! Here’s a little slideshow of the progress of the move to give you an idea of what we went through!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Come in to see the finished product!! We of course still have some tweaking here and there to get it completely ready!! Can’t wait to see you in our new place and in case you forgot, here’s the address: 601 Business loop 70 West, Suite 213C.


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