The store is looking like a ghost shop!!!


We are ever closer to the move date! Yesterday we got some burly menfolk to help out with the really big stuff and got that all moved over. The store is looking really bare!!! 

Classroom table on it’s side!!! The store just looks so bare… 😦

front part by the door….. the great big wooden thing is gone!!! It has found it’s new place at the new store….

  We are working on getting as much of the shop moved over

as we can without moving the yarn, but it

   really does look bare and sad right now!!!

Almost all of the clearance yarns are gone now so that’s nice!

The new place is coming right along!! We’ve got the classroom basically set up and the general layout of the floor! It’s such a large space!!

Karen moving some chairs….. This is the space from the left is you are facing the front of Parkade.

From the very back. Sorry it’s so dark!!

                    We are sooooo excited to be in this place!!! Can’t wait to see you guys here!!!

            Remember we will be closed from Wednesday, August 28 until Tuesday, September 4th!!!

                          See you again next month!  And happy Labor Day!!


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