Getting ready for the Anniversary Sale!


Soooo, the big annual Anniversary Sale is tomorrow. We are getting ready at the shop. Making mini skeins of yarn for the customers to find out their discount for the day. Every one will get a different discount, some people will get 20% off, some will get 60% off. And we will be having early bird hours and happy hours and a mega discount day. It will be epic!!  Click here to see all the details. If you can’t make it here, feel free to call and pick a color that way, then order over the phone!!

Our Big Move!

Lots of boxes donated from our wonderful customers!! Thanks! Now we just need to get packing!

Packing up for the move and making mini skeins for our Anniversary Sale!

We are also reallllllllly close to figuring out where we are moving too. Tomorrow is the day that we will be finding out from our first choice if we can get into the building. Once we find out, things will really start moving at the shop!!! We’ve been doing a little bit of packing here and there, but have been holding off on it because we weren’t sure where we would end up! But after this weekend……. we will have a new home!!!  Don’t worry, we will be spilling the beans soon, so you guys can all go scope out the new location. And a truly special thanks to all of you that have donated boxes and are willing to help out by donating your time and vehicles! We really appreciate your support!!

The Yarniad

The Yarniad is in still going strong!! Amber is on her third project!!! ( Will put pics of them tomorrow!!) I am still working on the Estuary shawl, I had to rip back a little bit cause I messed it up! But I am about halfway through the pattern. Carol is still working on her vest out of the corn yarn, it looks really nice. A pretty little leaf pattern. Karen finished her cowl last night! Here’s a picture of her dog Cherub wearing it!

Cherub in the cowl her mama made. She seems not to mind the cowl at all!! It’s like a very stylish collar!!

Rebecca is almost done with her crocheted shawl and it looks lovely!!! One of our customers, Linda has finished a set of baby hats and is working on a pair of socks now!! Thanks everyone for competing in this and I can’t wait to get pictures of all the finished projects to show off to everyone!! We have about 18 entries so far!  There’s still about a week left, so you could still get in an entry or two if you hurry!!






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