Busy, busy, busy!!!!


We have been so busy at the shop lately!! Karen came in on Friday and we met with a yarn rep to pick out some new, delicious yarns for the fall!! A few of the companies that we will be getting yarn from this fall: Classic Elite, Crystal Palace, Esther Purl, Dyeabolical, and Mountain Colors. We actually bought a kit from Mountain Colors for an afghan. Here’s some pics for you to drool over…. 🙂


Wooly and Warm Afghan kit

This kit is going to make someone soooo happy!!! The colors of course are just beautiful!! But Mountain Colors never does fail to impress in that department!!




Karen and her boot!



Karen has been walking on her foot without a cane!!! Woohoo!! She still has to wear that dang boot though! But she has been doing her physical therapy and swimming a little bit.  She is going to get out and try to drive around her parking lot and see if she can get back to driving before too long.




The Yarniad is in full swing and we are all trying our best to get our projects done!! After I ripped my back out, I was able to get a good amount of it worked back up again, but then had to take a little break as my arm was not cooperating with me and giving me some unpleasant nerve pain. 😦  I am getting acupuncture on it on an almost daily basis trying to get the normal back!! Here’s the pics of mine, Karen’s, and Carol’s yarniad projects so far…..

Carol, Karen, and mine’s yarniad projects.






We are also having our annual Anniversary Sale this weekend, August 10-12. There will discounts and extra discounts galore! We hope to see you there!! Visit our website for the full details on this sale…


Karen has owned the shop for 3 years now and is looking forward to many more years. We are super excited about the move and cannot wait to find out our new location!! We will share the news on that as soon as we find out ourselves!! Until then, please keep in mind that anything you hear is totally hearsay, we do not have a location yet! The rumors have been flying around CoMo, so we really want to reiterate a few things: we don’t have a new location as of yet and we are not closing!!




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