Keeping You In Stitches Saturday


Upcoming Events!!!


Well, summer is in full swing here in CoMo and we are trying to keep up!!


We have an excellent double knitting class coming up with Jessica Dekker.  You can learn to make this wonderful Quadrilateral Cowl that she designed herself!   That class is this Saturday, June 29. We hope to see you there!

We also have a wonderful lace class coming up with Lauren Fath. Learn the traditional style of Orenburg Lace while making this beautiful Wellen Shawl.


And we also have lots of beginning and advanced beginning classes in both knitting and crochet, so please check out our class schedule!!


                                                         Friday Night Happy Hours

We have a Friday Night Happy Hour coming up this Friday, June 28.  And we also are having a special Happy Hour!! July 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 join us and Gina Frahm from Esther Purl Yarns, delicious appetizers and some local music to please your ears!! We hope to see you there!!


Pho-ever Friends


How very cute!!!

drawn and hooked


Now that winter has set in, I am naturally gravitating towards hot foods. One of my favourite winter dishes (or all year round, really) is Vietnamese Beef Pho (pronounced “fuh”) – which is a dish of rice noodles with raw, thinly sliced beef strips that all literally cook in the in the delicious, steamy broth it is served with. The Pho comes with a generous side of mint, bean sprouts, chilli sauce and lemon for you to garnish your pho with as liberally or conservatively as you please.

A few years ago I introduced one of my good friends to Vietnamese Beef Pho. Over time, it has become a tradition of ours to catch up over a hot bowl of Pho. In summer we sweat but gulp it down faithfully. In winter we savour every  warm mouthful. Our favourite Pho eating days are the ones where its raining and windy outside. The…

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Our day at the Winery


Fun times at Les Bourgeois Winery

We had a most excellent time at the winery this year!! 30 women joined Karen, Jessica and I at Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport, Mo for a day. We had some good food (some really good dessert!), a great view and lots of knitting, laughter and smiles.

Jessica Dekker taught us 3 new cast ons: Tubular Cast-on, Channel Island Cast-on, Invisible Rib Cast-on. I had never heard of any of those cast ons, so this was quite a learning experience for me!! Jessica was wonderfully patient and really great with everyone, even though we sometimes were a little bit frustrated! The Tubular Cast-on was really hard to get at first, but after a quick little demo from Jessica, I got it! It’s an awful lot like Judy’s Magic Cast on.

We also had some yarn from Esther Purl Farms. Regina sent us some really fantastic hand spun yarns. And we also brought some Three Irish Girls with us! The colors that these two places manage to get in their yarns……amazing!!

We had a fantastic trunk show with us from Grace Akhrem. She had some absolutely fantastic designs! Very elegant with a touch of funk.

Thanks for joining us for the day and we can’t wait to do it again soon!!! (There’s rumor of a fall day retreat….. )

Mattress Stitch Tutorial


Excellent knowledge to have!!


Mattress stitch is used to sew together the sides of two stockinette stitch pieces of knitting. It creates an invisible seam and is often used to make up garments that are knitted in pieces.

“Ladder Rungs”

The most important factor in this technique is identifying the “ladder rungs” or horizontal bars of yarn. These are hiding behind the Vs of your stitches. So, before you begin to sew, gently pull your knitting until you see those “ladder rungs” they should look like the photo above.

Decide Where to Begin

There are “ladder rungs” between every stitch and behind every stitch, there are even some right on the edge of the knitting. Count in at least one stitch from the edge of both of the pieces you are seaming. You are looking for a column of stitches, close to the edge where the stitching is even.


Lay the two pieces to…

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